Beolino clinic®

The current coronavirus pandemic makes a solution for germ-free surfaces even more urgent, as the market does not offer a real solution at present.
The biggest problem we see is the rapid loss of effectiveness in all common systems, especially for nano silver.

Cleaning with the power of light

In the course of our research, burger swiss pen has now come across a clinical plastic that one hundred per cent meets the requirements of long-lasting efficacy.

It has been used in hospitals for medical devices for several years and eliminates germs and viruses without tolerances. The pathogens are quickly and completely killed before they can develop resistance.
And this takes place with the help of light.

The principle is referred to scientifically as photocatalysis and means:
In combination with embedded metal oxides, light creates a hail of free oxygen radicals, which kills all of the pathogens on our plastic surface.

The principle of double effect

In combination with humidity, this creates a second reaction – an acidic environment similar to the natural acid mantle of the skin develops.
It is therefore possible to refer to a principle of double effect for our method:

  1. Free radicals destroy the germ membrane.
  2. The acidic environment completely dissolves the pathogens.

It acts like the natural acid mantle of our skin.

BEOLINO clinic® currently offers the best hygiene solution for ballpoint pens.
The mode of action has been scientifically confirmed and is patented worldwide.

BEOLINO clinic® – the first self-cleaning ballpoint pen.

  • Effective against coronaviruses, bacteria and multi-resistant germs
  • 100% biocompatible – non-toxic – contains no nanoparticles
  • Has a lifetime effect
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