Beolino clinic®

The current coronavirus pandemic makes a solution for germ-free surfaces even more urgent, as the market does not offer a real solution at present.
The biggest problem we see is the rapid loss of effectiveness in all common systems, especially for nano silver.

How the *clinic® technology works

The ingredients react with oxygen and moisture in the air in a physicochemical interaction while also destroying a variety of germs and viruses.

Microfine catalysts are embedded in the clinic® plastics, which, once stimulated, produce a permanently high electrostatic charge on the surface. When this charge comes into contact with oxygen and moisture in the air, it leads to the production of free radicals (H3O+ molecules) and an acidic environment (pH 4.2) comparable to the natural protective acid mantle of our skin.

The principle of double effect

In combination with humidity, this creates a second reaction – an acidic environment similar to the natural acid mantle of the skin develops.
It is therefore possible to refer to a principle of double effect for our method:

  1. Free radicals destroy the germ membrane.
  2. The acidic environment completely dissolves the pathogens.

It acts like the natural acid mantle of our skin.

BEOLINO clinic® currently offers the best hygiene solution for ballpoint pens.
The mode of action has been scientifically confirmed and is patented worldwide.

BEOLINO clinic® – the first self-cleaning ballpoint pen.

  • Effective against coronaviruses, bacteria and multi-resistant germs
  • 100% biocompatible – non-toxic – contains no nanoparticles
  • Has a lifetime effect